3 Things to Avoid when Giving Feedback Review for Your Boss

Performance in the workplace is pegged on various factors, the most important of which is the ability for employees to use the feedback of their previous performance. It is for this reason that management often asks employees to give feedback on their fellow employees in various areas. These areas might include but are not limited to time management, teamwork, communication and leadership. However, most employees believe that feedback reviews are only meant for employees and not managers. Nothing could be further from the truth because employees should be able to review their managers and give feedback without fear of any consequences. That said, there are a couple of things you should avoid when reviewing your boss. Read on.

Avoid the Halo Effect

In big companies with many employees, it is not easy for some employees to have a close, one-on-one relationship with the boss. This is especially the case for introverted employees. As such, an employee may have a general perception of the boss, which tends to blur their judgment. For instance, you might hear from other peers that one of your bosses is good at offering encouragement. However, that may not be the whole picture because the same boss might be sexist. Therefore, if you only rely on the perceptions you hear from your peers, then you will be relying on the halo effect in your review. Such an approach leads to inflated and untrue ratings.

Avoid Using Recent Behaviors

A good boss will encourage, coach, make work fun and foster team development, among other things. The same boss should also offer constructive criticisms to employees who are not doing their best to maximise their potential. Most employees, unfortunately, get surprised when their boss, who has been an encouragement for a long time, suddenly changes tune and scolds them. If your boss recently got mad at you for something that is genuinely your fault, do not peg your review on such recent outbursts. Judging your boss on their recent behaviour is counterproductive and will work against you in the end.

Avoid Being the Jealous Peer

Employees in the workplace have different personalities. Some are extroverted and will mingle with everyone in the office, including the boss. If such an employee is good at what they do and the boss appreciates their efforts, it might be understandable for other employees to feel jealous. However, you should not rely on such jealous feelings when reviewing your boss's performance because it will beat the purpose of the review itself. Therefore, keep an open mind and base your review on your interaction with your boss when completing Manager 360 Feedback and the like.