Is This Your First Time Requiring Migration Agent Services?

If you are an immigrant and are confused about the complex visa application processes, it is recommended that you hire the services of a migration agent.

A migration agent offers you advice, prepares your visa application, gives you genuine and straightforward feedback about your eligibility, ensures your documents are up to the correct standards, follows up on your application and represents you in court when needed. Keep the following in mind when hiring the services of a migration agent:

Finding A Migration Agent

The first and easiest step is to seek a referral from your friends or relatives who might have used a migration agent in the past. If this is not an option for you, carry out an internet search. There are different types of visas; therefore, you should look out for those migration agents that can help you get the particular visa you want.

Select at least five and check whether they are registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). All migration agents must comply with this requirement; it helps you know whether the migration agent is genuine. Do not consider a non-registered migration agent. You also need to check comments from previous clients; social media and review sites are good sources for such information. When you are content with your findings, contact the remaining migration agents on your list and ask various questions, like what the process entails and how much you are expected to pay.

Look out for a migration agent who will listen to your needs first before giving you answers because it means he or she wants to give you accurate information relevant to your circumstance. Choose such a migration agent.

What Next?

After you choose a migration agent, you will, of course, be guided on the next course of action. You can expect to meet the migration agent and talk further. Afterwards, you may sign a contract and be requested to present various documents, like your identification card (your migration agents should tell you what other documents are required). You might also be required to fill out visa application forms.

After your application documents are lodged, expect to be given updates by the migration agents as you wait for your visa. If more documents are required, your migration agent will contact you and requests them. However, this happens rarely because, from experience, your migration agent will have collected all possible documents that may be required.